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The following corrections and clarifications have been published on stories produced by the Kitsap Sun newsroom:

April 2021

Sports:?Central Kitsap’s Ho’Oponokauillani Fuiava threw the discus 146-01 to win the state championship and set the West Sound record?in 2019. She also placed third in the state in the shot put that same year. In addition, Bethani Braun is the youngest daughter of Bill Braun, who coaches track and field at Central Kitsap, and Braun retired from the Navy in 2009, almost two years after he started?at CK. Those were reported incorrectly in a story published in the April 27 sports section.?

News:?In an April 26 story about a fire on the state ferry Wenatchee, a spokesman for Washington State Ferries told the Kitsap Sun that a CO2 fire suppression system had been used to extinguish the blaze in one of the vessel's engine rooms. After the story was published, the spokesman?contacted the Kitsap Sun to correct his earlier statement that the CO2 system had been used. That system was not used, and crew members?were able to contain the fire with "traditional firefighting methods," he said.

February 2021

Opinion: David Nelson's column published Feb. 14 made an incorrect reference to the writer and radio personality?Garrison Keillor, who is very much alive.?

November 2020

News: A Nov. 19 story about outdoor education incorrectly stated tuition for Barnacles & Bees. The cost is $115 per month for a child to attend one day per week per day. Children can enroll up to three days per week.

News:?A Nov. 2 story about a planned food truck village in Bremerton incorrectly stated the size of the property as 1,000 square feet. The property is 10,000 square feet.?

News:?A Nov. 1 story about a proposal to buy body cameras for the Bremerton Police Department incorrectly stated that Councilwoman Lori Wheat represents district 2. Wheat represents district 4.?

October 2020

News: The initial version of a?story published Oct. 1 incorrectly stated the driver of a vehicle was at fault in a crash that injured a bicyclist in downtown Bremerton.


News: A Sept. 13 story about the three deaths linked to a COVID-19 outbreak at St. Michael Medical Center incorrectly stated?Kitsap County had nearly 2,000 confirmed COVID-19 cases. Kitsap County had?around 1,100 confirmed cases at the time.?

August 2020

News: An Aug. 17 story about a possible new holding lane for ferry traffic in Kingston included a misspelling of?Perteet project consultant Patty Buchanan's name.

July 2020

Opinion: Two references to the former Sun editor Gene Gisley in a column were referring to?founding editor Julius Gius.?

June 2020

News: A story about student protests of music staffing cuts at Poulsbo Middle School that ran June 28, 2020, incorrectly reported the number of students who signed up for music classes in the 2020-21 school year. The total was 170, 90 for choir and 80 for band.

May 2020

News:?A story that ran May 8, 2020,?about candidates filing to run for office, erroneously omitted a candidate who filed with the state?Public Disclosure Commission. The story also?misspelled candidate Tarra Simmons'?name. It has been corrected.?

News:?A story May 7, 2020,?incorrectly stated the number of acres logged at Petersen Farm in April. It was 3, not 20.?

News:?A story that ran May 6, 2020, on the partial re-opening of parks following COVID-19-related closures failed to report that?parking lots at Bremerton parks remain closed and that local jurisdictions each made their own decisions about park use restrictions and? re-openings.

News: A story published May 2 incorrectly stated that federal unemployment benefits for laid-off workers are $600 a month. The benefits are $600 a week.?

April 2020

News: A story published April 29?incorrectly stated the position of Angie Silva, she is director of DCD. It also incorrectly stated Dickey Pit?was now part of the Silverdale UGA, but it already was before the amendment.?

News:?A story April 20 incorrectly reported the last day students attended school before the COVID-19 closure. It was March 13.

Entertainment: A story in the April 17 A&E section included incorrect information about Liberty Bay Books' sales methods during COVID-19 imposed closure. The bookstore currently offers online or special-order phone sales only through its website or at 360-779-5909 between noon-4 p.m. Monday through Friday. Books will be delivered by mail.

News:?A story April 6?incorrectly stated the title of Matt Wheelus. He is Harrison Medical Center's chief operations officer. The article also incorrectly stated the increase in capacity in hospital beds for CHI Franciscan in Kitsap. The total number of beds, through the transition to the new campus in Silverdale, will remain the same?at 336.?

News:?A photo caption with the April 3 story "A look at life inside Kitsap's grocery stores during the coronavirus outbreak" mistakenly noted that a Central Market employee was standing in a shopping cart while stocking shelves. The employee was standing on a step ladder.

March 2020

News: A story March 24 listed incorrect hours for McLendon's Hardware. The store is open?8 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily (9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sundays).

Opinion: A letter published March 20 had a glaring math error in it. If Mike Bloomberg shared $500 million between every American citizen, each would receive just more than?$1, not?$1 million.?

News:?A March 21 story was updated to correct the price of duck eggs, they are $6 not $4.?

Opinion: In Ed Palm's column published March 8, a Shakespeare quote was incorrectly attributed to Romeo rather than Juliet.?

News:?A?March 4 story was updated to correct the date of the cycle where evidence of an antibiotic and antidepressant were found. This occurred in the 2013 cycle, not 2017.?

February 2020

News:?A Feb. 23 story about a proposed music center and public plaza in downtown Bremerton incorrectly stated that architect Steven Holl's most recent work was designing the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, D.C. Holl designed The REACH expansion to the Kennedy Center, which opened in September 2019.?

January 2020

News: A Jan. 31 story about a proposed Bainbridge Island sales tax was?updated to reflect the latest?estimates for Kitsap County's share of the state's sale tax credit. The county expects to receive about $550,000, not the $180,000 it was projected to receive?at its lowest level.?

News:?A Jan. 24 story about a Bremerton sewage spill?was updated to reflect the most recent assessment of the spill's cause. It resulted from a bar screen that didn't?function, instead of a gate failing to open which Bremerton officials had?initially reported.?

News: A Jan. 22 story on the recent resignation of two North Kitsap School District department heads?was updated to clarify that William Wilson,?director of facilities, maintenance and capital programs, is leaving to take an out-of-state job closer to family.

News:?A story on MRR vaccine compliance that ran Jan. 18, 2020 incorrectly reported?compliance data for Bremerton School District. The data was for students in all grades, not just kindergarten.?

News: A story? Jan. 13 about a disabled veteran who will get an adaptive home incorrectly reported?how he was injured. He was struck in the back of his neck by an unknown object?during a mission, not a bullet. Also, his quote that was correct in the story, "I'd do it over again," was corrected in the story headline and brief. Earlier versions added the word "all."?

News:?A?story in the Jan. 6 edition about the city of Bremerton's sign code incorrectly explained why the maximum height limit for noncommercial signs is 6 feet.?The height limit is based on the International Residential Code, which requires all signs over 6 feet to be reviewed for safety.?

December 2019

News: The victim in a story published Dec. 31, "Man gets 9 years for Bangor stabbing," was not confirmed to have been a member of the military.?

News:?Misty Dawn Wanner's first name was omitted in a story published on Dec. 14 on the sentencing of William B. Black.?

Opinion: Shawn Cucciardi is the vice president of golf operations for Columbia Hospitality, which operates McCormick Woods Golf Club. His title was incorrectly identified in a photo caption on Dec. 15.?

News:?Daniel Baker is the deputy fire marshal at the Bremerton Fire Department.?A story Dec. 4 incorrectly identified his position and agency.??

November 2019

News:?A story published Oct. 23?was updated to correctly report that the Bremerton school board on Oct. 3, 2019, authorized a?school support levy measure for the February 2020 ballot. An earlier version indicated the ballot resolution?was still under consideration.

October 2019

News:?A story Oct. 29 incorrectly stated that the 27 acres owned by the state DNR?is?within the Silverdale Regional Growth Center. The story showed an outdated map of the Silverdale Regional Growth Center that did contain the parcel. Thirty dwelling units per acre are allowed if this parcel is developed, not 60.?

News:?The address of the new Mud Bay coming to the Trails in Silverdale was incorrect in a story on Oct. 28. The correct address is?11467 Pacific Crest Place NW, Suite C125,?between Sierra Trading and Trapper's Sushi Co.?

News:?The number of jobs being added at Vigor in Seattle was reported incorrectly in an Oct. 23 story. Some 200 jobs will be added and a total of 650 of its workforce will be assigned to work on Navy?vessels.??

Sports:?The date of Bill Geyer's death was initially reported incorrectly in a story published Oct. 23. His family confirmed that he passed away around 2 a.m. on Oct. 23.?

News: A story about school lunch published Oct. 18. incorrectly reported the number of elementary schools in the Bremerton School District, which is six.?

September 2019

News: A story about a suit against Bremerton School District published Sept. 26 incorrectly described?a three-person hold placed on a student who ran away from Kitsap Lake Elementary in 2017. Wendy Maki was not one of the staff members who placed the hold on the student.?

News: A story published in the Sept. 24 edition?on U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement activity in Kitsap County gave an incorrect acronym for the Washington Immigrant Solidarity Network, WAISN.?

A&E: Jewel Box Theatre's production of "The Fantasticks" opened Friday, Sept. 20.?The Sept. 20 edition of Kitsap A&E said the show would open in October.?

Sports: A story published in the Sept. 19 print edition's sports section, "Huskies getting ready for BYU quarterback," was written by Lauren Kirschman of The (Tacoma) News Tribune. The writer was incorrectly attributed.?

News: A story about the state's new hybrid electric ferry program has been updated to reflect the fact that Vigor expects construction on the new ferry to begin in 2020, not in 2021 as a Washington State Ferries spokesman had said.?

A&E: A story published online Sept. 4 and in print Sept. 6 said Fingers Duke will be screen printing t-shirts at the event. They will not be doing that.?

August 2019

News: A story on Aug. 15 said the USS Ohio is the oldest active submarine. It is the oldest sea-going submarine?as the USS Bremerton awaits inactivation at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard.?

Sports: Former Gene Lobe Rich Heat softball team member Bud Maves' name was spelled incorrectly in a story published Aug. 7.?

News:?An online version of a story?misidentified Rita Old Coyote as Rachel Old Coyote.?

News: A story in the Aug. 9 publication incorrectly listed the sentence for Anthony?James Kurek Jr. He was sentenced to 240 months to life.??

News: A story in the Aug. 7 publication incorrectly spelled Gold Mountain Turkeys owner?Kathy Parker's name.?

July 2019

News:?The?Washington State Center for Court Research is studying the Kitsap girls court. A story in the July 25 edition incorrectly stated that the University of Washington was the?organization studying the program.?

News:?Former Chief Matt?Hamner left the Bainbridge Island Police Department?in February, not January.?

News: The Horseless Carriage Club tour group visited the Naval Undersea Museum in Keyport. The city was incorrectly?identified in the July 23?publication.?

News:?This story has been changed to reflect that Port of Bremerton commissioner candidate Jack Edwards is the former economic development director for the city of Bremerton. Also, the name of Elections Manager David Frisk has been corrected.??

Entertainment:?Rock bands Shaggy Sweet and East Blue perform from 5-8 p.m. at a free, family friendly Rock the Dock concert July 13 at the Louis Mentor Boardwalk. A calendar item in?the July 12 Kitsap A&E incorrectly listed the item for July 14.?

News:?This story was changed to remove an incorrect Fourth of July event at the Suquamish Clearwater Casino Resort. The group "112" is not performing this year.?

News:?This story was changed to?correct the statement that William Rieger?allegedly tried to cut a check for the purchase of two excavators. Rieger does not have the authority to checks?and only assisted the employee in trying to get a check cut.??

June 2019?

Entertainment: At the June 29 Bridge Blast event,?music will be on the Boardwalk by Megan & Heidi, Ranger & The Re-Arrangers, Betsy & the Boys and Soul Siren starting?at noon; and a free concert at Evergreen Park by Journey Revisited and High Voltage starts at 5 p.m. The times were reversed when initially published.?

May 2019?

News:?This story was changed to clarify who was?responsible for evidence being withheld from jurors in the case against Brian A. Glaser. The story had also incorrectly listed the age of the victim, Donald Duckworth.?

News: This story was changed to correct the measurement regarding the thickness of plastic bags that would be banned under Bremerton's proposed plastic bag ordinance.?

Opinion: A letter was corrected to correct the estimated number of American casualties in the Iraq War.?

News: This story was changed to correct the percent raise that will be awarded to the Mason County sheriff.?

Sports:?The South Kitsap High School baseball team lost a district playoff game 2-0 to Kentlake on Wednesday, May 8. The original date of the game was reported in error.?

April 2019?

News: This story was changed to clarify the number of cars a resident observed at a vacation rental on the Hood Canal shoreline.?

News: Incorrect information was given about the status of a?bill to raise the local school levy lid in a story about possible layoffs at the North Kitsap School District.??

News: A planned supportive housing facility in West Bremerton was incorrectly?referred to as a shelter in a story on county volunteers at shelter facilities.?

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